Trung Nam Joint Stock Company is a business that specializes in production and distribution of wheat flour products to the noodle production factories , instant noodle , bread production enterprises , high quality bakeries , fish feeds production factories , domestic animal feeds …In the recent years the Company already had break-through steps  quite successful in technology and quality , in management and sales , creating for the company a firm strong standing position  in fiercely competitive market . The products of the company day after days are affirmed , the brand name and prestige of Trung Nam are known more and more by customers with the familiar products such as  Wheat Flour Golden Coin Brand , Brown Coin , Green Coin , Dolphin , VF2, Elephant , Knight …Customers of the Company are diversed from business customers , small production enterprises to the important customers with famous brand names such as CP Việt nam, Uni-President, Grobest, CJ.Vina, Tomboy, Vifon, Gomex, Acecook Viet Nam…..

Moreover , the product of the company also are exported to markets of Thailand , Indonesia. The advantageous strength of the company is the management of product quality following management system that integrates between Quality (ISO 9001 – 2008) and Food Safety  (HACCP – ISO 22000:2005) and system of laboratory along with modern equipment in order to check well quality of products . 

Office of  Trung Nam Joint Stock Company

-        Main Office  & Factory :

Address : 98 Binh Chuan 45, To 2, KP.Binh Quoi, Binh Chuan Commune , Thuan An , Binh  Duong Province
0650.3788491 - 0650.3788492
Fax: 0650.3832962
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.trungnamjsc.com.vn

-       Representative Office in HCMC:

Address : 17-19 Hoang Dieu, P 12 , District 4, Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam
Fax: 08.3943.0872

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