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 Đồng tiền vàng 

Best for making bread



Best for making dumplings


Con voi

Food for aquatic


Đồng tiền nâu 

Use as egg noodles



Use as instant noodles

Development along with community

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Last year, along with production and sales activities internally of the company, Trung Nam always shows good will and kindness of the Company to social activities in Binh Duong in particular and the whole Vietnam at large with activities of sharing nature mainly spiritually through activities such as :

v  Participate in sponsoring Music Program Fly to Dream 8  (organized by  VTV ).

v  Visit and donation of gift to Que Huong Humane Center .

v  Visit and donation of gift to people who suffered flooding and tempest in Central Vietnam .

v  Visit and cares for patients at Ben San Leprosy Station .

( link to image or attached typical images to the above mentioned activities.)

In the future , Trung Nam directs to social activities  of larger community nature in activities of power saving & propaganda on protection of environment , education and  -child care etc….


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