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 Đồng tiền vàng 

Best for making bread



Best for making dumplings


Con voi

Food for aquatic


Đồng tiền nâu 

Use as egg noodles



Use as instant noodles

Core Values

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a)    Vision & Mission.

Vision :

“Essence  from the wheat grain ”

-       From the wheat grain , Trung Nam always would like to bring back daily most essential food products  for foods tastes of Vietnamese in particular and for Asians generally. A stable source of foods and always essential in all stages of human history.

-       With zeal , creativity , and moral values in busibness philosophy, Trung Nam ever keeps on research to create safe nutritive source , of essence and suitable , in order step by step to become a symbol in the chain to provide food portion for Vietnam (in near future ) and all Asia  (in a further future ).

“To rise to wider range along with  Trung Nam”

-       Define and catch all the opportunities to invest  to reach wider and further than the present activities at  Trung Nam in order to create an image of Trung Nam that is stronger  and more active in the community of Vietnamese businesses .



-         To build effectively, and endlessly improve Quality & Foods Safety Management Systemfollowing the standard ISO 22000:2005.

-         Place the customers at the center in all the related activities from research, production, control, and distribution in order to satisfy each customer at the best possible level.

-          Training upgrading awareness and knowledge to all members at Trung Nam in order to develop human resources ever better in the Company. At the same time guarantee that all members of the company can realize the importance of all customer related matters, Food Quality and Safety.

-          Developing brand name Trung Nam in areas externally of wheat flour business such as tourist investment, real estates and financein order to create  resonance effects in advertisement of Trung Nam trade name.

b)    Customer of Trung Nam Company .

Trung Nam product quality was approved not only by small customers , average production scale, but also a preferred source of material of famous industrial customer in production of foods and animal feeds in Vietnam such as: VIFON, ACECOOK, UNI President, CP, Tomboy,…

c)     Ceaselessly enlarge production scale and develop management system of.

In order to respond to the already formed developed market of Trung Nam also to general market potential in Vietnam and the region , Trung Nam ceaselessly enlarge the scale of production by investing more of production line and proceed to build the second factory in Region of East part of Southern Vietnam.

Especially , system of laboratory  along with modern machinery with total investment value over 10 billion VND the Company already invested in order to guarantee product quality  of Trung Nam.

(Evidence of development outline)

Along with enlarging production capacity through infrastructures of factories and machinery equipment, Board of leaders also step by step implement the perfection of management system at the Trung Nam factory in order to use as development model for members units of Trung Nam in HCMC and nearby provinces (Evidence of construction plan if any ).

The goal in the near future on Management System that is to build successfully the first steps and proceed to assessment certifying integrated management system which consists of  ISO 22000:2005 – ISO 9001:2008- HACCP.

The prestigious partner in assessment and certification already was defined  and contract was signed is the Organization  SGS of Switzerland.

d)   The investment project.

-       Along with the production and sales of wheat flour, Trung Nam Joint Stock Company proceeded to invest in  Ecological Tourist Zone Project  tại at Phu Quoc Island , Kien Giang Province with total estimate over 800 billion VND .

-       Presently, the Company in the first step bravely financially invest by buying holdings/ stocks and keeps the role of strategic shareholder of prestigious food production company in Ho Chi Minh City .

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