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 Đồng tiền vàng 

Best for making bread



Best for making dumplings


Con voi

Food for aquatic


Đồng tiền nâu 

Use as egg noodles



Use as instant noodles


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The forerunner of Trung Nam Joint Stock Company  wasThuan An Food Industry Company,Ltd, that was established following Certificate of Business Registration No. 4602000050, issued by Dept of Planning and Investment , Binh Duong Province  issued on  08/08/2002.  The Compant was permitted to change to become Trung Nam Joint Stock Company following Certificate of Business Registration and Tax Registration No.   3700337124 issued by Business Registration Section – Dept of Planning and Investment , Binh Duong Province  on  08/08/2008.

The Company was built on a land surface of 12900,8 m2  at  Binh Quoi , Binh Chuan Commune, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, that has advantageous geographical position and traffic system , situated inside the Industrial Development Center of Binh Duong Province .

From the beginning of a small bread making shop built by Mr. Mã Quang and Mrs.  Nguyễn thị Lài from the year 1982. It was private small scale enterprise, simple , managed with features of family business however thank to prestige , experience  so the enterprise could develop very quickly in the 80s and  90s.  Not only operated in production of bread , from mid 90s , Madam Nguyễn thị Lài developed the enterprise  by sales of imported wheat flour and flour that is produced domescically with system of retail sales and agents in many places , from Ho Chi Minh City  to the provinces east of southern Vietnam, provinces in Mekong Delta…From that, the brand name developed connected to name of the individual who founded . 

Along with what were available during the 20 years in business but the most precious of all is prestige of brand name and experience , in the year 2002 Madam Nguyen Thi Lai  took the opportunity, decided to invest to build a factory that produced wheat flour in Binh Duong with capacity of 220 ton/day with the buying of the whole material base of Thanh Tan Company Ltd that was at that  time was operating business of ceramic and pottery wares , did away with the whole of old construction work, constructed wheat flour production factory with the name Thuan An Food Industry Company,Ltd . Registered capital in the beginning of the company was  6,200,000,000 VND.


Process of formation and development of the Company :

v  February /2002 signed contract to buy contributed funds and property of Công ty TNHH Thanh Tan Company Ltd .

v  On the 21/07/2002, Board of Members decided to change the name from Thanh Tan Company Ltd  to become Thuan An Food Industry Company,Ltd , liaison name Thuan An Food Industry Company,Ltd., abbreviation TAFOCO.  Dept of Planning and Investment , Binh Duong Province issued Certificate of Business Registration dated  08/08/2002. Registered capital in the beginning 6,200 million VND.

v  July /2004, the Company increased registered capital from 6,200 million VND up to  9,500 million VND .

v  March /2005 Board of Members had meeting to decide to incease Registered Capital from  9,500 million VND to 17,000 million VND .

v  On the25/11/2005, Board of Members decided to change the name from Thuan An Food Industry Company,Ltd  to become TRUNG NAM WHEAT FLOUR CO. LTD with the aim to continue to develop Trung Nam traditional trade brand to a new higher level and upgrading professional features in production and sales of the Company and  that is What Flour.

v  Continuing with development of production scale , increasing of investment capital , constructing new system of SILO with the capacity of 8,000 ton of grain . In order to be suitable to development status, The 16/04/2006, Board of Members decided to increase registered capital from 17,000 million VND to  27,000 million VND .

v  From July /2006 , Trung Nam Wheat Flour Co. Ltd was one of wheat flour production business the first in the nation that applied quality management system following standard ISO 9001 – 2000. The Company was officially recognized and issued with Cerificate ISO 9001-2000 No. 01 100 075317  by the German Organization  TǛV Rheinland in May /2007.

v  Early 2008, the Company continued to invest to build additionally 04 SILOs  to store wheat capacity 10,000 tons in order to reduce input costs , reducing product costs to increase competition .

v  On the 08/08/2008, there was the change of name from Trung Nam Wheat Flour Co. Ltd to became  TRUNG NAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY. System of quality management was developed and applied following HACCP standards .

v  On the 07/05/2009, Shareholders Convention decided to increase Registered Capital of the Company to  67 billion VND .

v  September /2009, The Company was recognized ands issued with Certificate  ISO 9001 – 2008 by German Organization TǛV Rheinland .

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