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ISO 22000

1.       Brief Description about the system  ISO 22000

 In order to realize  Quality  & Foods Safety Policy  that General Director of  Trung Nam Company already promulgated on 28/7/2009, all leaders and department heads of the Company already quickly checking again matters that are suitable in the management System following former Standard of TC ISO 9001:2008 , at the same time consider the requirement of change, supplement to the System of Safe Food Managementfollowing Standard  ISO 22000:2005 and step by step implement to respond to requirement above mentioned in order to perfect , stabilize and reaching effective improvement of a most advanced  system on Quality and Food Safety at Trung Nam Company.  

2.      Range of application

ISO 22000:2005 system is applied at  Trung Nam Joint Stock Company  in order to implement the controlling measures to activities from purchasing , production , processing , distributing and sales to all wheat flour products of the company. 

3.       Components of System


      §  The programs and control measures

v  The programs & controlling measures at Trung Nam Company are describe in documents of  System of Documents  that is controlled by IT system (Shared Folder)  the Section in Binh Duong and Sales Office in HCMC .

v  The programs , controlling measures are always under closely and continous Validation and Verification lin order to guarantee that the system is suitable to production  features đặc thù sản xuất and continuous improvement at the whole of the company. 

§  Infrastructure  (Factories , machinery and equipment ).

v  Infrastructure , factories  and main machinery and equipment the Company already had available relatively sufficient in the direction of operation responding to the requirements on  GMP and HACCP right since the time the factory was newly established.

v  Moreover , in the stage of development in order to respond to requirement of the System ISO 22000:2005 in the year 2010, Board of Leader also ceaselessly supplement investment and perfecting items of works such as:

ü  System of window to prevent insects ,

ü  Building buffer section guaranteeing separation and implement hygiene requirement before entering production factory .

ü  Maintenance of floor , walland power network at production factory

Especially, the laboratory (at QC section ) is the place that has continuous and in time investment … from Board of Director with the frequent receiving and using machinery and modern analyzing equipment from foreign nations  such as France , UK, China .

Production Workers  always respond to hygiene requirement following controlling measures of  (SSOP)at the production factory .

The equipment , machinery always are used effectively in the task of checking and supervising in order to prevent danger and guarantee quality.  
4. System documentation - Profile

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