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Planning documents


Number Code documentation Titles
Issued a document
1   Policy Quality & Food Safety.
2   Objective Quality & Food Safety.
3   Organizational structure description & responsibilities and powers.
4   System Description Manual.
Regulations, Procedures - Workflow
5 QT-QM-01 Document control procedures
6 QT-QM-02 Procedures for controlling documents
7 QT-QM-03 Internal audit procedures
8 QT-QM-04 Procedures for handling inappropriate products
9 QT-QM-05 Preventive procedures to overcome
10 QT-QM-06 Product recall procedures are not suitable
11 QT-QM-07 HACCP manual procedures established product lines
12 QT-QM-08 Procedures for data analysis & report
13 QT-QM-09 Verification procedures
14 QT-QM-10 Matrix emergency response
15 QT-NS-01 Training Procedures
16 QT-NS-02 Recruitment Procedure
17 QT-KH-01 Review procedures and monitor suppliers
18 QT-KH-02 The process of rice imported raw materials
19 QT-KH-03 The process of import and export of finished products
20 QT-QC-01 Regulation calibration, measuring correction device
21 QT-KT-01 Maintenance regulations, repair equipment, factory.
22 QT-KD-01 Procedure for resolving customer complaints
23 HACCP-01 HACCP Manual flour products
24   Map flow in plants.
  TC-QC-01 TC packaging, ink, only machine
  TC-QC-02 TC wheat ingredients
  TC-QC-03 TC Quality Gluten
  TC-QC-04 TC enzyme
  TC-QC-05 TC additives and chemicals used
  TC-QC-06 TC-quality flour
  TC-QC-07 TC used in the production of
The work instructions
  HD-QM-01 HD programming & document recognition
  HD-QC-01 HD calibrated, adjustment measurement equipment
  HD-QC-02 HD test packaging, sewing & stamps.
  HD-QC-03 HD use of machinery, equipment measured at
  HD-QC-04 HD sample when tested.
  HD-QC-05 HD measured moisture, ash, white.
  HD-QC-06 HD bonded product inspection
  HD-QC-07 HD tasks in rice raw material inspection,
dry gluten
  HD-QC-08 HD test admixtures jobs, chemical use
  HD-SX-01 HD calibration and adjustment additives magnet machines, packaging machines.
  HD-SX-02 HD packaged product
  HD-SX-03 Operating HD wheat production
  HD-SX-04 Wash rice HD work
  HD-SX-05 HD magnets additives, powders recycling
The SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures: QT standard of hygiene activities)
  SSOP 01 Provisions on control of pest
  SSOP 02 Regulation on hygiene in production areas
  SSOP 03 Sanitary Regulations checking pallets,
  SSOP 04 WC QD hygiene practices and blocker
  SSOP 05 QD loading and unloading, storage and hygiene product storage area
  SSOP 06 Decision made toilet factory production area
  SSOP 07 Decision made cleaning machines, equipment and tools exposed to products
  SSOP 08 Decision made silo cleaning materials
  SSOP 09 QD cleaning the area around the factory, the road
  SSOP 10 QD perform quality control of water sources and sanitation water supply system
  SSOP 11 QD waste management and waste materials.
  SSOP 12 Decision made sanitary equipment
  SSOP 13 QD test monitoring and evaluation SSOP
  SSOP 14 QD control chemicals
  SSOP 15 QD hygiene inspection truck.
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