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Detailed description of DTV products

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1            Product Name Flour gold coin.
2            Product Code D0300003. 
3            Ingredients (raw materials, additives) 1. Wheat
2.      Acid Ascorbic
3.      β-xylanase endo-1,4-α-amylase
4.      Diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono glycerides
4            Other important indicators of quality components Status: fine wheat powder, garlic, not blocking
Flavor: bland, pleasant, no strange taste (bitter, sour, rancid, infamous), no smell of mold.
Color: white ivory
No impurities: trash, metal, earth, sand
No insects, insects.
Humidity not exceeding 14%
5            Packaging Material PP Package
6            Method of preservation, transportation & raw material receiving Raw materials are purchased from other suppliers granted certification standards for food safety
- How to store: Store dry, cool temperatures ≤ 300C, φ ≤ 70%
-Shipping of raw materials by trucks to ensure safe standards of food hygiene
-In place of the company imported raw materials: the sensory test, humidity test, gluten, white, ash, falling number, key content, impurities, before being processed (raw materials only reach required)
7            Packaged product specifications (weight) 40kg/bao, 25kg/bao
8            Condition of packaging Semi-automatic packaging machines
9            Storage conditions Preserving a dry, cool
≤ 300C temperature, φ ≤ 70%
10        Shelf from the date of production 3 months
11        Condition of product delivery transportation Means of transport must be dry and clean, lined, protection of the canvas, without affecting flavor products
12        Where consumption Domestic sales
13        Using products Product must be processed
14        Users Products for all consumers
15        The information on labels (user guide, how to preserve) Product ·
· Manufacturing at (Name of manufacturers)
· Address
Using ·
· Being part
· Date production
• The time limit for use
How to preserve ·
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