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 Đồng tiền vàng 

Best for making bread



Best for making dumplings


Con voi

Food for aquatic


Đồng tiền nâu 

Use as egg noodles



Use as instant noodles

There are no translations available.

Đang cập nhật


ISO 22000

1.       Brief Description about the system  ISO 22000

 In order to realize  Quality  & Foods Safety Policy  that General Director of  Trung Nam Company already promulgated on 28/7/2009, all leaders and department heads of the Company already quickly checking again matters that are suitable in the management System following former Standard of TC ISO 9001:2008 , at the same time consider the requirement of change, supplement to the System of Safe Food Managementfollowing Standard  ISO 22000:2005 and step by step implement to respond to requirement above mentioned in order to perfect , stabilize and reaching effective improvement of a most advanced  system on Quality and Food Safety at Trung Nam Company.  

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